Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Episode 4 - Another Stitches Recap

I start the podcast right by mimicking Meghan from Stitch It! Please remember what they say about imitation and flattery.

I finished Hardy's Return of the Native, and it was as awesome as 19th century literature can get. Interestingly, the end reminded me of Burgess's A Clockwork Orange. Also, I finished Julie and Julia, which was brain candy at its finest!

All this talk about British stuff reminded me that I got some great tea and an adorable teapot from San Francisco Coffee and Tea at Pier 39.

I went to Stitches! And bought lots of yarn! Here's a list of the vendors I hit up:

Lisa Souza Dyeworks
Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Pigeonroof Studios

Tess Designer Yarns
Carolina Homespun
Windy Valley Musk Ox

I also met several fans (Hi guys!::crazywave::) at the Knitmore Girls meetup and missed Dr. Gemma from Cogknitive by like 3 seconds. My friend No-Blog Rachel shopped at Brooks Farm for this yarn, which is wicked cool. I also ran into Kelly of Ceallach Dyes, who is even cooler than Rachel's yarn.

I finished both the Mismatched Relatively-Normal Socks and a cotton Dishcloth because the How Clean is Your House? ladies recommend cotton dishcloths. I'm currently working on the Scarf #21 from VLT, a Girasole by Jared Flood, and some socks; all of which require charts.

I'm spinning some Lincoln-Corriedale that is quite pretty and will one day become a naturally-colored something or other.

A huge thank-you to Aija for the gorgeous hand-carded batts! I will love them and call them... Bob.


  1. That picture makes me want to crawl into the screen! Mmmmmmm........

  2. Hi, could you give me the dimensions of the banner that you need. I couldn't find your email address to email these questions. Size, is this for web banner or some other size of banner? Thank you.

  3. Hi Tika,

    This is the Lisa you met through Jasmin. I was excited to see that at Stitches West, you bought the same Lisa Souza roving that I did -- Petroglyph! I just finished spinning that into a lofty worsted or maybe bulky, my first FO from Stitches. I'm 'milele' on flickr if you want to see the photos.

  4. Doesn't look like you need any more yarn! But when you get back from work, you can graze around :) Stitches South is coming next month--I can't wait!