Thursday, February 26, 2009

Episode 3 - The Day I Won the Internet

Two weeks worth of information crammed into less than 30 minutes!

On Valentine's Day, Neil Gaiman mentioned my (misspelled) name on his blog! And then Ms. Althea Crome herself complimented my Coraline Gloves! Then my brothers and sister laughed at me for being a big nerd, so it all evens out.

I talk about Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native a LOT, and include my theory as to why there are so many orphaned or motherless children in literature. I also gross myself out by mentioning childbed fever (link for the curious). I picked up some books from Powells, including an autographed copy of John Updike's final book.

I got a bunch of Cashsoft Aran from Little Knits with which I plan to copy a favorite sweater, make an EZ blanket and an OWLS sweater. So cute!

I also made it into Mile 2 of my 12-Mile Quest for 2009 by finishing Seeded Rib Scarf #7 and some TOFUtsies socks. The review for the TOFUtsies sock yarn is on Episode 40 of The Knitmore Girls podcast. I'm also re-knitting a sock for the Eldest Relatively-Normal because it was ugly and too big. I cast on some socks in Pigeonroof Studios sock yarn that is - like everything else I seem to be doing lately, PINK.

In spinning news, I finished my Wish You Were Here 3-ply yarn and started spinning a grey lincoln fleece that Jasmin gave me, processed by Sherri at Morro Fleece Works.

I ripped out Scarf #21 from the Brie KAL and plan to re-start it soon.

I joined the Lime & Violet Sock Marathon 2009 and plan to knit 3 miles of my 26.3 miles of sock yarn.

Next weekend is Stitches West 2009. I'll be hanging out near the Purlescence booth (or behind the escalator) when I'm not shopping like a crazy person, then on Saturday at 6 I'm heading to Bobbin's Nest Studio for the Stitches party.

Sometime this week I'll post my Stitches Shopping List on my blog. It's supposed to keep me honest... but we'll see.

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